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Eastern Cape Department of Transport’s Road Safety Educators team up with Traffic Officers in educating motorists and pedestrians about road safety through roadblocks and road shows.

Local school girls during their visit to the Department’s Bhisho Airport as part of the annual take a girl child to work day. This program twins with the Department’s commitment to providing bursaries and scholarships to young students from disadvantaged communities.

The team of Provincial Traffic Officers readily available to serve you by enforcing Traffic and other related laws in the roads of the Eastern Cape Province.

The Eastern Cape Department of Transport continues to diversify public transport to benefit the people of the province; the Kei Rail passenger service is continues to attract scores of passengers who use in their travelling through the province.

With the province being largely rural, stray animals remain one of our challenges which the Department is vigorously responding to with the Stray Animals Management Program by appointing Road Rangers tasked with removing them from the road.

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Monday, 13 January 2014 00:00

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List of Bids Received for SCMU 10-13-14-0006

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Bid Notice SCMU10_12_13_0006 (Closed)

Tender Bulletin 2012-09-18-0005 (Closed)

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List of Received Bids for SCMU 10-12/13-0003

List of Tenders Received for SCMU10-12/13-0002

Tender Bulletin 2012 _06_12_0004 (Closed)

Tender Bulletin 2012 _06_07_0003 (Closed)

Awarded Contracts

Tender Bulletin _2012_05_17_0001 (Closed)

Tender Bulletin _2012_05_17_0002 (Closed)

Awarded Security Tenders 2012 (Closed)


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